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After the dreams (start at part 1 of the story if you don’t know what dreams I’m on about), I joined a group on Facebook that I knew existed but wasn’t a part of. It had been set up by a distant relative of mine, the wife of the son of one of my grandad’s brothers. Her aim was to bring together as many Rayirus as she could, as she was trying to put together a family tree. In the group she shared what she had learnt about my great grandfather, and also all the other family members could post what pictures they had, and contribute what little bits of information they knew. This group worked simply because the name Rayiru isn’t a common one, even in India, and all Rayirus in the UK descended from the same man: my great grandfather.

The first thing I learnt was my great grandfather’s name: Rama Eachorath Rayiru.

I was told, though, that he never used the Eachorath, so was just known as Rama, a Hindu name.

I then found out that his son – my grandad – after whom I am named, anglicised his name to Kris (or Krissy to his friends and family) from his birth name of Ram Krishna. My name comes from Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. I think that’s pretty cool.


The guy who I was named after was named after this guy


This is the guy I was named after. My grandad Krissy as a young man

Sin título

And here he is later on in life, holding my little sister and sitting next to me

Without the help and hard work of one of my best friends I wouldn’t have found out nearly as much as I did during that period of learning. Jemilla is a skilled family tree researcher and she was able to provide for me documents, including the passenger list of the boat that he eventually left the UK on for the final time. You’ll find all of that in the next part.

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