Gatecrashing Europe Gatecrashing the World

During my moneyless adventure across Europe, I visited 26 capital cities as well as a whole load of other smaller towns and cities along the way. Now I want to see if my book Gatecrashing Europe can go further than I did. I want to see if Gatecrashing Europe can see every country on the planet.

This is your page. If you have a copy of Gatecrashing Europe, wherever you happen to be in the world, when you get a moment please snap a quick picture of yourself holding the book, preferably with some scenery in the background to show us where you are.

I know that there are copies of the book in, to name a few, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, UK, and the USA. So let’s get some pictures in!

And if you’re camera shy, then just get someone else to hold it!

Let’s see how many different places we can get in the collection……

All you have to do is either post the picture on the Gatecrashing Europe Facebook page or on my own wall, or email it to me if that’s easier.

As they come in, I will add them to this page….

If you haven’t yet got a copy of Gatecrashing Europe but would like to get involved, you can order one from the publisher Valley Press by clicking here, or if you prefer, from Amazon.

Thank you!

Kimi in Berlin

Here’s Kimi gatecrashing a train in Berlin, Germany…..

While Irene shows us that Gatecrashing Europe has made it to the shores of Massachusetts on America's east coast.

While Irene’s gatecrashing the shores of Massachusetts on America’s east coast….

Straight from a kitchen in Brussels, Belgium.....

Leen’s gatecrashing a kitchen in Brussels, Belgium…..

Jenny's in Manchester Airport...

Jenny’s gatecrashing Manchester Airport…

Meanwhile, Heather's in that place we've all dreamed of seeing: in the American state of Maine....

Meanwhile, Heather’s gatecrashing that place we’ve all dreamed of seeing: Wiskasset, in the American state of Maine….

Matt took Gatecrashing Europe to Sweden, the country where the journey across the continent started...

Matt’s gatecrashing Sweden, the country where the journey across the continent started…

While Valentina and Antonio show Gatecrashing Europe some of the sights of Rome....

While Valentina and Antonio are gatecrashing some of the sights of Rome….

Miroslav gatecrashing the Euro.... In Frankfurt, Germany....

Miroslav gatecrashing the Euro…. In Frankfurt, Germany….

Julian's gatecrashing an exotic beach. Lucky bastard....

Julian’s gatecrashing an exotic beach. Lucky bastard….

Meanwhile, Mike's gatecrashing the greatest pub on the planet, Finnegans, in Rome....

Meanwhile, Mike’s gatecrashing the greatest pub on the planet, Finnegans, in Rome….

12557673_10208374535710342_1889154177_o (1).jpg

Marcus gatecrashing Boston, Massachusetts….

puerto rico

Angel gatecrashing Puerto Rico, and enjoying the weather….


Hélène and her partner  in crime gatecrashing carnival in Dunkirk….


Gatecrashing Atlanta, Georgia, USA….


And here’s Harry’s hand gatecrashing Thailand….


While Gareth decided to gatecrash Vietnam….